Integrating the Arts

Here at Memorial Spaulding, we integrate the arts! This is an initiative that our Integrating the Arts committee works to create new and exciting curriculum that uses the arts (as you know: visual art, music, drama and movement) to help children access the common core curriculum.

A Little History

In the summer of 2013, five teachers and I were able to go to a conference and learn more about Integrating the Arts (a passion that I have and focused on in my masters degree as well).  Since then, our Integrating the Arts committee has grown to have representatives from every grade level, grades K-5, along with representatives from each special area, along with an ELL representative and two special needs educators as well.  In the school year of 2013-2014, we used each faculty meeting to teach teachers different strategies on how to integrate the arts including Visual Thinking strategies, soundscapes and more to create engaging curriculum for our eager learners.

Last year we had an opportunity to share this work we did with a focus on literacy with YOU in our Integrating the Arts Morning!


(click to see some resources for you to use at home too!).

Here is a film about our work:

This year we are exploring ways to integrate the arts in math, science and social studies as well. Here is a glimpse:



Ask your kids about their experiences with Integrating the arts!