Integrating the Arts

Here at Memorial Spaulding, we integrate the arts!

Integrating the Arts is a commitment that all Memorial Spaulding teachers have made as a collaborative process in which we use creative learning as a way to differentiate instruction, design lessons and teach content knowledge to our students. Supported by several grants (Boston University’s Civil Rights, Biography and Arts Integration grant, along with Newton Schools Foundation’s Science and Social Studies and Arts Integration) organic team collaborations, we work to create new and exciting curriculum to help children access all content areas to cultivate our Memorial Spaulding vision of engagement, independence and connection as our guiding principles.  These approaches include soundscapes, movement, dramatic play, visual art, visual thinking strategies, and music exploration to learn science, social studies, math, literacy, along with social emotional learning and more!

A Little History

In the summer of 2013, five teachers and I were able to go to a conference and learn more about Integrating the Arts through the Department of Education and Lesley University (arts integration is a passion that I have always had and focused on in my masters degree as well).  Since then, our Integrating the Arts committee has grown to have representatives from every grade level, grades K-5, along with representatives from each special area (the arts and literacy and math), along with an ELL representative and special needs educators as well….it is abundantly clear that this is part of who we are at Memorial Spaulding.

It has always been a passion of mine to make our learning visible and clear to students, along with having a connection to the arts and its fluidity and connection among all areas of learning. Children are inherently creative, and discovery and invention are such a core part of the human experience.  The arts make learning come alive, and it is my greatest joy to support and stretch my colleagues to do this deeply important and meaningful work to bring our community the learning opportunities that they deserve!

For years we have had an opportunity to share this work we did with a focus on literacy with YOU in our Integrating the Arts Morning!

(click to see some resources for you to use at home too!).

Here is a film about our work:

and another film here

This year, we have MORE shares…..have you heard? Check in for more information and dates 🙂

Did you know that a team of teachers present and share this work with our colleagues in education throughout Massachusetts? We have presented at Lesley University and the Annual Literacy and Arts conference for the Department of Education of Elementary and Secondary Education! We have a model approach we are proud of. 🙂

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Ask your kids about their experiences with Integrating the Arts!