Ms. E


I am Alexandra Etscovitz, but my guess is, your kids call me Ms. E.

I am the art teacher here, and this is my 15th year at Memorial Spaulding teaching art. I am proud to say I am a Memorial Spaulding alumnus as well.  After graduating Memorial Spaulding (and middle and high school too of course), I went on to earn my Bachelor of Fine Arts and Education at Brandeis University. I also have worked at the Rose Art Museum, the Kniztnik Gallery and the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park. I then went on to get my Masters Degree in Education where I focused on Arts Integration.  I live in Needham with my husband and two daughters (preK and 2nd grade artists) and love to be with friends and family, cook, be active, read and make my own artwork of course too.

I am so grateful that life brought me back to my very own elementary school, where I have the profound privilege to teach your beautiful and thriving children during such a formative time in life! It is my commitment to use this time with your children to cultivate a love for the arts and deeper connection to themselves, their community and the world.

I love my job, I love your kids, and I do hope you will reach out anytime!

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 9.02.46 AM

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