We Heart Art

Watercolors, pastels, and tempera, oh my! Your beautiful artists are not just making masterpieces, but they are also learning every step of the way. Our process is truly magic- I hope you will follow us on Instagram to see the daily posts that hold windows into our journey to create a work of art….and the different ways we create as well!

Alas, you are HERE now, so let’s share some slivers of this magic 🙂

In the fifth grade, your artists may have shared that we are using academic choice as a guiding way to foster more independence in our artistic behavior and studio habits of mind. We have experienced mural making, printmaking with markers and with ink, as well as exploring more techniques with our altered books as well! Ask your child: Which printing strategy did you prefer: ink, or marker printing? Why are the processes different and how? What inspired you? Which materials did you choose?  

In the fourth grade, artists have been creating zentangles and working with studying contemporary artist Jen Stark. This has been highly engaging and ties into our study of the elements and principles of design. Ask your child: How did you approach this project? What inspired you? Which materials did you choose?  

Third grade is diving into the very exciting arts integration unit of artist biography work! This is a very special and pivotal moment in the Memorial Spaulding artists’ journey in our school. Ask your child: Who is your artist? Why did you choose this artist and what inspired you? What materials are you using and why?

Remember: this unit culminates with our Museum Fine Arts field trip coming in February!

In second grade, artists have been creating outer space collages! We call this project, a classic Memorial Spaulding project because it is a favorite tradition in our second grade art curriculum. Artists paint their own planets using watercolor techniques and salt to create texture. We then move on to collage the painting on black paper and use oil pastels to create a full fledged and stylized imaginative galaxy! Ask your child: What happened when the salt and the watercolor mixed? What are some of the collage strategies you used to create depth? What about strategies for using your edges in your collage?

In the first grade, we dove into our winter tree paintings and our winter tree mural! We were excited to create trees using our branch strategies and start styling our lines a bit more, now that first grade artists have more skills to create. We used cool colors and glitter paint to make our snow glisten! We also brought our skills into our large winter mural as we continue to create for our four season series of tree paintings and murals, as we continue to integrate the arts in both the art room and the classroom to learn through our seasons unit in science! Ask your child: How did you style your tree? How did you create snowflakes and which strategies did you try? Which part of the mural did you enjoy creating and why?

In kindergarten, artists read Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert and used it as a source of inspiration for our own rainbow gardens! Through a process of organizing, counting, and creating variety, artists used monochromatic greens to set their garden up for a lush and blooming masterpiece! We then played the game “pass the color,” where students were able to use all the shades of each color, one at a time. Artists then chose one color for the sky with watercolor to finish this vibrant art! Ask your child: What does monochromatic mean? How do you play the game ” Pass the Color?” How did you choose your sky color?

What else is new? Well, surely you have seen our yarn bombed tree and fence (made by our upper grades)! We are excited to do this work and continue to create as much public art as possible! Our lower grades have made our window art, a rainbow that also serves as a reminder to look at neighbor colors as we create!


I am continually astounded by your children. Their curiosity, thoughtfulness, diligence, and creativity teaches me each day. I am so grateful for our time together and you sharing them in our thriving and colorful community!

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