Busy, busy artists, Artsonia, Integrating the Arts and Instagram!

Hey there art fans,

Long time, no talk! We have been crazy busy in the art room! Here is a quick synopsis:

5th Graders started the year with Grid Trees, and then moved on to observational drawing and painting Fauvist landscapes:

Ask your child: How did you choose to use your color families for your Grid Tree?   Where did you draw outside? How did your drawing change when you painted? What painting strategies did you use? What does Fauvism mean?


4th Graders worked hard to create beautiful zentangle trees, then moved on to make a complex and gorgeous instrument still life!

Ask your child: What is a zentangle? How did you paint your paper (with negative and positive space in mind?)? What was it like to draw an instrument still life? How did you feel? Was it hard? How did you engage and persist? How are you adding color and what materials and techniques are you using?

3rd Grade artists have been busy too! First we learned about making glue trees using color families for coloring with pastel. Then we learned about artist Hunderwasser and found his artistic elements through a strategy called Visual Thinking Strategies and created our own inspired landscapes. We also created alla prima still life paintings! Then we learned about contemporary artist Dale Chihuly and are currently working collaboratively to make our own glass chandelier!

Ask your child: What was it like drawing with glue? How did you organize your color families? What are some of Hunderwasser’s characteristics in his art? Which are your favorite and inspired you? Who is Dale Chihuly? How are you working to make a chandelier?

2nd Grade artists have been busy bees as they have been working to make Paul Klee inspired cityscapes using glue to draw and then pastels to color in. They then have started gorgeous shell drawings that they painted with warm and cool colors.


Ask your child: What color did you use for the sky? Why was this important? When you were drawing a shell….how did you start? Was this hard? What does abstract mean? What colors did you use?

1st grade artists have been super prolific this year, already! First we started with our gorgeous abstract landscapes using warm and cool colors, then we started our beautiful glue drawings of fish using pastels, then we created our complex still life drawings of flowers and finally we made our line collages where we cut our own paintings!

Ask your child: What does abstract mean? How did you draw with glue? How did you color your fish? What is a trick to starting a still life drawing? How did you cut your painting? What does tension mean in art?

Kindergarten artists have made gorgeous art, all while investigating our line unit! First, artists painted with black paint to create lines and then we colored the designs with oil pastels. Then we learned about Vincent Van Gogh and created our own Starry Night paintings using broken lines and beautiful stars! We read the book Lines that Wiggle  and created watercolor line paintings to culminate our study of line….but don’t you fret- we will be thinking about lines for many years to come 🙂

Ask your child: What lines can you see around you? Who painted Starry Night? What is a broken line? What are warm colors? What are cool colors? How do you remember? What happens when you paint on top of oil pastel?

Also, be sure to check out our Artsonia Gallery! Your child has their own gallery that will never vanish! You can buy products (20% of the proceeds goes back into our art program to buy special materials and books!) or just share the beautiful art your child creates here at school!

Want to remember your child’s work from home, but not have to have too much clutter? Did you know you can upload your child’s image onto your Artsonia account? You can with their amazing app too!

Also….hopefully you have marked your calendar for December 1st for our Integrating the Arts morning! I am excited to share with you all the best practice teaching strategies  along with deep curricular connections that we have worked hard to create so that children can learn through the arts to access content in an engaging, memorable, and meaningful way!

Integrating the ArtsMorning.jpg

Also….would you like a daily update on our art room fun and curriculum? Follow us on Instagram!

Also, thank you for your amazing donations- every baby wipe, sharpie, foil, tissue, and paper towel is used with such appreciation! 🙂

I am so thankful to be your child’s art teacher….thank you for sharing your amazing children everyday!!!!!


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