Get the frames ready!

Thank you so much for the AMAZING art show! So many proud families and students- it was SUCH a wonderful event!

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 7.52.50 PM.png

As all the art is sent to you this week……I can imagine you might be overwhelmed with too many papers, paintings, collages and that fabulous bag of art. As an art teacher, I hope that students keep every last piece that we worked so hard on. However, as a mother and an aspiring neat freak myself, I understand that creating a balance to manage both can be a dilemma.

For starters…..PLEASE sit down with your child and talk to them about what they have learned in art this year- I bet you too will learn a lot from their learning and discoveries!

As the proud family member you are, I’m sure you want to acknowledge and honor your child’s talents. Of course, choosing a piece to frame for the wall is the best way to do that. There is something so magical and confidence boosting about seeing your own artwork framed! But for those who do not wish for their house to turn into a full fledged museum, here are some other ways to celebrate your child’s creativity in a special way….

-Choose a favorite and have it transferred to a canvas and it will instantly look professional, or any other cool product on Artsonia! Did you know that our art program gets 20% of the proceeds from your purchases that allowed us to have many special projects this year?!? Thank you for your support!


Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 7.44.03 PM.png

-Host a “one man or one woman” show.

Have friends and family over, serve some tea and cookies and hang artwork on the walls. Guests can ask the artist (your child!) about how they made their work and which parts are his or her favorite and why!



-Social media time….there are amazing ways out there to archive your child’s art.

Did you know you can upload other fabulous artwork to your child’s Artsonia personal gallery that will last forever?  You could also use your instagram or twitter page of course….be sure to tag it #memorialspauldingart so we can start an artistic movement 🙂


Make a photo collage.

Take a photo of each work of art that your child made this year and then make a  photo collage and frame that ONE piece for your home.


Interview the Artist

Ask your child to sit down and pretend you are having an interview with a famous artist. Ask the artist all sorts of special questions about their methods, process and highlights- maybe you can even record it to save!

Most of all…..your children will be so proud of themselves and your enthusiasm is priceless.  Again, I strongly suggest you take some time to ask your child about the artwork they made……we worked so hard this year!  You could ask about materials, artists we studied, and which parts were challenging and which were fun.

Thank you for your support!


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