Art Show: The Virtual Tour!

Thank you so much to all of you who attended tonight’s art show. It truly is such an amazing event where every child is so proud of all the hard work we do here in art. I am beaming with pride myself…..that I am lucky enough to teach all these amazing and creative innovators! Thank you so much for sharing your artists with me!

Couldn’t make it to the art show? Here is a virtual tour….

Here are some examples of 5th Grade artwork:

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Here are some examples of 4th Grade artwork

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Here are some examples of 3rd Grade artwork:

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Here are some examples of 2nd Grade artwork:

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Here are some examples of 1st Grade artwork:

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Here are some examples of Kindergarten Grade artwork:

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We also had many different arts integration and technology connections that we are proud to share!

Kindergarten artists created self portraits that evoke a mood by using facial expressions and color.  Classroom teachers worked with students to write and then speak about these feelings and created these fun Chatterpix presentations!

Ms. Jain’s Class:

Ms. Bowen’s Class:

Ms. Montalto’s Class

Ms. Lewit’s Class

Fourth graders studied contemporary artist Judy Gelles (who just so happens to be may aunt:). Her work called “The Fourth Grade Project” where she travels the world, photographing 4th graders worldwide, asking the children the same three questions…..take a look what our 4th graders said!

In music class with Ms. Rapa, 5th graders had a unique integrating the arts experience in music class this year. Students worked in pairs to create a composition on the app GarageBand, inspired by the A. A. Milne poem, Wind on the Hill. GarageBand has pre-loaded “loops” for the user to drag and drop different sound and musical styles. In class we discussed how musical elements such as tempo, dynamics, and tone can affect the mood of the music. Click HERE to hear them!


First grade students are learning about bird adaptations and how each part of a bird’s body from beak to feather, is a result of birds evolving to meet their needs. I was able to join science classes and together we created observational drawings to create our own birds.  Each child chose a beak, feathers, talons and more to create their own bird!  All the classes will finish these up soon with writing about their birds- stay tuned but here is a sneak peek at the drawings:

In third grade, students studied artist’s lives, art and more to then create and curate their own gallery works of art!  Come to the 3rd Grade morning to see our Tellagami presentations and see the galleries so beautifully curated :).

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 8.08.45 PM.png

Also….did you grab your notecards made by the artists of Memorial Spaulding to benefit the International Rescue Committee to support refugees? Tons of people did…. tonight we raised $900 within one hour! Didn’t get any? Swing by at the Spring Concerts June 14th and 15th or swing by the art room sometime.

Some of the GORGEOUS cards our artists made!

Lastly, I want to send my enormous thanks to Megan Tager and Michelle Spitzkoff for organizing this fundraiser and to Ali Newman, Lauren Simon, Kirsten Smith, Zoe Hughes, Joanna Mitri, Leah Kolidas, Julie Paltrowitz, Nuria Des La Casas for their volunteerism, enthusiasm and energy!


Thank you SO much to Anna Norderney, Janna Sneider, Nuria Des La Casas, Karen Chow, Nicole Karp, Zoe Hughes, Katharina Elbert, Shelley Pearlstein, Anna Schneider for helping hang and take down the show! Without your help, the art show would not be possible- you rock!



ALSO: Write a note for yourself now to bring those bags in….these gorgeous masterpieces are coming home next week!

Thank you again for all your support,

Alexandra, (most likely known in your house as Ms. E  :))





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