Art Show and Fundraiser For the IRC!

Obviously  you have heard about the event of the season…..the Art Show is THIS Thursday, June 1st from 5:00-7:00pm! We are all soooooo excited here at school and I have heard that this excitement and energy is coming home with your kids too!

I had a couple children ask me this week…..”why do we have an art show?” I was so excited to remind everyone the answer.  We all work so hard in the art room. I, as the art teacher, am blessed to witness and guide children to do their personal best.  The art show is an opportunity to show the world all these triumphs as a community! Come celebrate your own child along with all the children as we share this work together.

I am certain that these celebrations and pride are part of making the world a better place. However this year, we also have worked hard to create a new opportunity to make a difference too. Come with your cash to purchase 5 cards for $10 where every penny will go to the support the International Rescue Committee and refugees worldwide.

Some of the GORGEOUS cards our artists made!

Since I have you here….let’s also remember the guidelines and rules that your children have come up with to make sure everyone and every piece of art stays safe so we can celebrate! Check them out:

  1. “Please use Walking Feet…. running is not a good choice. The gym is now a museum.”


2. “Clasp Your Hands so you can remember not to TOUCH….even if it is yours!”


3. “Say nice words and be kind. Even to yourself- be proud!”


4. “Keep the Art in the Art Show….you will get it back next week, so don’t worry!”     63d0f02f-cc33-4781-bcd3-0ae9db97ea0d

5. “Keep our Little Ones Close please. Toddlers can do unexpected things like run or touch.”


6. “Have fun! Be proud! We worked so hard and now we can celebrate!”


Also….a couple reminders. Each child has two works of art: one that is 2-dimensional that they have chosen from their large and diverse portfolio of work that we have created, along with our ceramic pieces as well. Each piece will also have a color-coded frame:

Red: Kindergarten, Orange: Grade 1, Yellow: Grade 2, Green: Grade 3, Blue: Grade 4, Purple: Grade 5

There will also be an interactive gallery sharing some of our arts integration work including beautifully curated galleries from the third grade, photography and writing from our fourth grade, talking self portraits from kindergarten and more!

Also, I will certainly remind you, but if you could remember….bring a bag (brown bag or reusable works) to art class the class after the Art Show for all the beautiful work your child made to make it safely home!

Lastly, I want to thank you all.  Your support, volunteering to help, enthusiasm and pride is what makes our Art Show possible and as magical as it is. I can’t wait to see you there!


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