the art show is TOMORROW!

I know you didn’t forget, because how could you?

Art Show 5-24

THE ART SHOW IS TOMORROW from 5:00-7:00pm!

Still want to help, but haven’t gotten a moment to sign up? SIGN UP HERE TO HELP! Especially taking the show down….bring your kids! They can help too!

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Art Show:

What are some things to ask my child (I am sure you don’t need this list, but in case you wanted a jump start 🙂 )?

What materials did you use? Why did you choose this piece? What did you learn? What was hard about this project? What was fun for you?

How many pieces of art at the art show?

There are 2 pieces per kid, one 2-dimensional and one 3-dimensional. Each child chose their own piece, and this results in approximately 1,000 works of art on display! 

When do we get our artwork back?

After the art show, kids get ALL their artwork back….don’t you fret 🙂

Can we touch our own artwork?

Please do not. Younger kids get confused if they see kids touch and think it is okay. Be a role model!

How do I know what grade is which?

Do you know our school-wide color coded system?

Each grade is color coded by frame color:

Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade

And, finally, just in case you didn’t know how to act at an art show :), the good news is that the children have gone over some of the expectations. Here are their reminders: 

That is right- your kids reminded us all not to run, not to touch (even if it is your own!), no food or drippy drinks, don’t use your cell phone in the art show, and please be respectful with kind words- THEY NAILED IT! 🙂

Your kids rock.

We are so so excited to see you there!!!!!!!


Art Show: Want to Help?

There is NO way that our art show’s magical splendor could happen without YOU– the amazing family community! If you have some time to help make our 1,000+ artwork Art Show happen, please sign up today!


If not, please be sure to get to the art show to celebrate our hard work and thank you 🙂

Art Show 5-24

Busy, busy artists, Artsonia, Integrating the Arts and Instagram!

Hey there art fans,

Long time, no talk! We have been crazy busy in the art room! Here is a quick synopsis:

5th Graders started the year with Grid Trees, and then moved on to observational drawing and painting Fauvist landscapes:

Ask your child: How did you choose to use your color families for your Grid Tree?   Where did you draw outside? How did your drawing change when you painted? What painting strategies did you use? What does Fauvism mean?


4th Graders worked hard to create beautiful zentangle trees, then moved on to make a complex and gorgeous instrument still life!

Ask your child: What is a zentangle? How did you paint your paper (with negative and positive space in mind?)? What was it like to draw an instrument still life? How did you feel? Was it hard? How did you engage and persist? How are you adding color and what materials and techniques are you using?

3rd Grade artists have been busy too! First we learned about making glue trees using color families for coloring with pastel. Then we learned about artist Hunderwasser and found his artistic elements through a strategy called Visual Thinking Strategies and created our own inspired landscapes. We also created alla prima still life paintings! Then we learned about contemporary artist Dale Chihuly and are currently working collaboratively to make our own glass chandelier!

Ask your child: What was it like drawing with glue? How did you organize your color families? What are some of Hunderwasser’s characteristics in his art? Which are your favorite and inspired you? Who is Dale Chihuly? How are you working to make a chandelier?

2nd Grade artists have been busy bees as they have been working to make Paul Klee inspired cityscapes using glue to draw and then pastels to color in. They then have started gorgeous shell drawings that they painted with warm and cool colors.


Ask your child: What color did you use for the sky? Why was this important? When you were drawing a shell….how did you start? Was this hard? What does abstract mean? What colors did you use?

1st grade artists have been super prolific this year, already! First we started with our gorgeous abstract landscapes using warm and cool colors, then we started our beautiful glue drawings of fish using pastels, then we created our complex still life drawings of flowers and finally we made our line collages where we cut our own paintings!

Ask your child: What does abstract mean? How did you draw with glue? How did you color your fish? What is a trick to starting a still life drawing? How did you cut your painting? What does tension mean in art?

Kindergarten artists have made gorgeous art, all while investigating our line unit! First, artists painted with black paint to create lines and then we colored the designs with oil pastels. Then we learned about Vincent Van Gogh and created our own Starry Night paintings using broken lines and beautiful stars! We read the book Lines that Wiggle  and created watercolor line paintings to culminate our study of line….but don’t you fret- we will be thinking about lines for many years to come 🙂

Ask your child: What lines can you see around you? Who painted Starry Night? What is a broken line? What are warm colors? What are cool colors? How do you remember? What happens when you paint on top of oil pastel?

Also, be sure to check out our Artsonia Gallery! Your child has their own gallery that will never vanish! You can buy products (20% of the proceeds goes back into our art program to buy special materials and books!) or just share the beautiful art your child creates here at school!

Want to remember your child’s work from home, but not have to have too much clutter? Did you know you can upload your child’s image onto your Artsonia account? You can with their amazing app too!

Also….hopefully you have marked your calendar for December 1st for our Integrating the Arts morning! I am excited to share with you all the best practice teaching strategies  along with deep curricular connections that we have worked hard to create so that children can learn through the arts to access content in an engaging, memorable, and meaningful way!

Integrating the ArtsMorning.jpg

Also….would you like a daily update on our art room fun and curriculum? Follow us on Instagram!

Also, thank you for your amazing donations- every baby wipe, sharpie, foil, tissue, and paper towel is used with such appreciation! 🙂

I am so thankful to be your child’s art teacher….thank you for sharing your amazing children everyday!!!!!

Dear Memorial Spaulding Families,

Welcome back to school!  I am so glad to be back for another colorful year!  For those of you who I have just met (virtually), I look forward to seeing you at Back to School Night on September 27th! I am so lucky to teach every child at Memorial Spaulding!

A little about me….I am a native Newtonian and attended Memorial Spaulding when I was a kid. I graduated from Brandeis University with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Education and hold a Masters Degree in Education with a focus in Arts Integration from Fitchburg State University. I have two little artists at home too (a new preschooler and a first grader!). I am surprised and proud to say, this is my 14th year at Memorial Spaulding, teaching art!

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 12.54.16 PM.png


I am looking forward to a great year of discovery as we learn about ourselves as artists as well as art from around the world and throughout history. We will engage in array of creative endeavors including drawing, painting, printing, ceramics, building and collage. It is my goal to work together with you and your child to make art class an experience where he or she will learn and grow in a thoughtful, inquisitive and joyful way.  We create in lots of different ways in the art room, allowing your child to find his or her voice in the arts, while also learning skill sets with different media, and becoming a 21st century learner.  It is my expectation that students will be able to use the time we share to its full potential and in a productive way!

I hope we can work together to make art a special place for your child. I will be in communication about your child’s art class to share happy moments of success and so we can work together to be sure that your child is using his or her time productively!

We each have discussed this together and our commitment to respecting each other, ourselves, our artwork, our materials and our time together. We also have talked about our Studio Habits and I invite you to look at this image below and talk about each, as we did and continue to in art class.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 1.00.39 PM.png

Also….please feel free to email me at so we can be in communication to make this year in art….the best ever!

As a reminder- please do not send your child to school on his or her art day in special clothes- making art can sometimes be messy!

 Please spread the word about this blog!

This blog allows you to know what your child is learning about in art class, along with supplemental activities.  It also acts as a springboard for conversations about our artistic adventures!

The art room could also use the following donations if possible:

Baby Wipes ****(these are amazing for cleaning the art room and hands, and we cannot get enough of these!)

Hand sanitizer

Colored Sharpies

Tissue Boxes

Hand Held Mirrors

Clean Plastic Takeout Containers (sets of matching 7 are super helpful:)

Paper Towels


Last year we started an online gallery at Memorial Spaulding called Artsonia. Please confirm your child’s participation so that you can be part of this glorious online gallery and personal portfolio for your child! Add family and friends to see what your child is creating! Here is our school gallery: CLICK HERE!

I am so excited for a fabulous and colorful year together!


Alexandra Etscovitz (most kids call me Ms. E)

Get the frames ready!

Thank you so much for the AMAZING art show! So many proud families and students- it was SUCH a wonderful event!

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 7.52.50 PM.png

As all the art is sent to you this week……I can imagine you might be overwhelmed with too many papers, paintings, collages and that fabulous bag of art. As an art teacher, I hope that students keep every last piece that we worked so hard on. However, as a mother and an aspiring neat freak myself, I understand that creating a balance to manage both can be a dilemma.

For starters…..PLEASE sit down with your child and talk to them about what they have learned in art this year- I bet you too will learn a lot from their learning and discoveries!

As the proud family member you are, I’m sure you want to acknowledge and honor your child’s talents. Of course, choosing a piece to frame for the wall is the best way to do that. There is something so magical and confidence boosting about seeing your own artwork framed! But for those who do not wish for their house to turn into a full fledged museum, here are some other ways to celebrate your child’s creativity in a special way….

-Choose a favorite and have it transferred to a canvas and it will instantly look professional, or any other cool product on Artsonia! Did you know that our art program gets 20% of the proceeds from your purchases that allowed us to have many special projects this year?!? Thank you for your support!


Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 7.44.03 PM.png

-Host a “one man or one woman” show.

Have friends and family over, serve some tea and cookies and hang artwork on the walls. Guests can ask the artist (your child!) about how they made their work and which parts are his or her favorite and why!



-Social media time….there are amazing ways out there to archive your child’s art.

Did you know you can upload other fabulous artwork to your child’s Artsonia personal gallery that will last forever?  You could also use your instagram or twitter page of course….be sure to tag it #memorialspauldingart so we can start an artistic movement 🙂


Make a photo collage.

Take a photo of each work of art that your child made this year and then make a  photo collage and frame that ONE piece for your home.


Interview the Artist

Ask your child to sit down and pretend you are having an interview with a famous artist. Ask the artist all sorts of special questions about their methods, process and highlights- maybe you can even record it to save!

Most of all…..your children will be so proud of themselves and your enthusiasm is priceless.  Again, I strongly suggest you take some time to ask your child about the artwork they made……we worked so hard this year!  You could ask about materials, artists we studied, and which parts were challenging and which were fun.

Thank you for your support!

Art Show: The Virtual Tour!

Thank you so much to all of you who attended tonight’s art show. It truly is such an amazing event where every child is so proud of all the hard work we do here in art. I am beaming with pride myself…..that I am lucky enough to teach all these amazing and creative innovators! Thank you so much for sharing your artists with me!

Couldn’t make it to the art show? Here is a virtual tour….

Here are some examples of 5th Grade artwork:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some examples of 4th Grade artwork

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some examples of 3rd Grade artwork:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some examples of 2nd Grade artwork:

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Here are some examples of 1st Grade artwork:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some examples of Kindergarten Grade artwork:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We also had many different arts integration and technology connections that we are proud to share!

Kindergarten artists created self portraits that evoke a mood by using facial expressions and color.  Classroom teachers worked with students to write and then speak about these feelings and created these fun Chatterpix presentations!

Ms. Jain’s Class:

Ms. Bowen’s Class:

Ms. Montalto’s Class

Ms. Lewit’s Class

Fourth graders studied contemporary artist Judy Gelles (who just so happens to be may aunt:). Her work called “The Fourth Grade Project” where she travels the world, photographing 4th graders worldwide, asking the children the same three questions…..take a look what our 4th graders said!

In music class with Ms. Rapa, 5th graders had a unique integrating the arts experience in music class this year. Students worked in pairs to create a composition on the app GarageBand, inspired by the A. A. Milne poem, Wind on the Hill. GarageBand has pre-loaded “loops” for the user to drag and drop different sound and musical styles. In class we discussed how musical elements such as tempo, dynamics, and tone can affect the mood of the music. Click HERE to hear them!


First grade students are learning about bird adaptations and how each part of a bird’s body from beak to feather, is a result of birds evolving to meet their needs. I was able to join science classes and together we created observational drawings to create our own birds.  Each child chose a beak, feathers, talons and more to create their own bird!  All the classes will finish these up soon with writing about their birds- stay tuned but here is a sneak peek at the drawings:

In third grade, students studied artist’s lives, art and more to then create and curate their own gallery works of art!  Come to the 3rd Grade morning to see our Tellagami presentations and see the galleries so beautifully curated :).

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 8.08.45 PM.png

Also….did you grab your notecards made by the artists of Memorial Spaulding to benefit the International Rescue Committee to support refugees? Tons of people did…. tonight we raised $900 within one hour! Didn’t get any? Swing by at the Spring Concerts June 14th and 15th or swing by the art room sometime.

Some of the GORGEOUS cards our artists made!

Lastly, I want to send my enormous thanks to Megan Tager and Michelle Spitzkoff for organizing this fundraiser and to Ali Newman, Lauren Simon, Kirsten Smith, Zoe Hughes, Joanna Mitri, Leah Kolidas, Julie Paltrowitz, Nuria Des La Casas for their volunteerism, enthusiasm and energy!


Thank you SO much to Anna Norderney, Janna Sneider, Nuria Des La Casas, Karen Chow, Nicole Karp, Zoe Hughes, Katharina Elbert, Shelley Pearlstein, Anna Schneider for helping hang and take down the show! Without your help, the art show would not be possible- you rock!



ALSO: Write a note for yourself now to bring those bags in….these gorgeous masterpieces are coming home next week!

Thank you again for all your support,

Alexandra, (most likely known in your house as Ms. E  :))




Art Show and Fundraiser For the IRC!

Obviously  you have heard about the event of the season…..the Art Show is THIS Thursday, June 1st from 5:00-7:00pm! We are all soooooo excited here at school and I have heard that this excitement and energy is coming home with your kids too!

I had a couple children ask me this week…..”why do we have an art show?” I was so excited to remind everyone the answer.  We all work so hard in the art room. I, as the art teacher, am blessed to witness and guide children to do their personal best.  The art show is an opportunity to show the world all these triumphs as a community! Come celebrate your own child along with all the children as we share this work together.

I am certain that these celebrations and pride are part of making the world a better place. However this year, we also have worked hard to create a new opportunity to make a difference too. Come with your cash to purchase 5 cards for $10 where every penny will go to the support the International Rescue Committee and refugees worldwide.

Some of the GORGEOUS cards our artists made!

Since I have you here….let’s also remember the guidelines and rules that your children have come up with to make sure everyone and every piece of art stays safe so we can celebrate! Check them out:

  1. “Please use Walking Feet…. running is not a good choice. The gym is now a museum.”


2. “Clasp Your Hands so you can remember not to TOUCH….even if it is yours!”


3. “Say nice words and be kind. Even to yourself- be proud!”


4. “Keep the Art in the Art Show….you will get it back next week, so don’t worry!”     63d0f02f-cc33-4781-bcd3-0ae9db97ea0d

5. “Keep our Little Ones Close please. Toddlers can do unexpected things like run or touch.”


6. “Have fun! Be proud! We worked so hard and now we can celebrate!”


Also….a couple reminders. Each child has two works of art: one that is 2-dimensional that they have chosen from their large and diverse portfolio of work that we have created, along with our ceramic pieces as well. Each piece will also have a color-coded frame:

Red: Kindergarten, Orange: Grade 1, Yellow: Grade 2, Green: Grade 3, Blue: Grade 4, Purple: Grade 5

There will also be an interactive gallery sharing some of our arts integration work including beautifully curated galleries from the third grade, photography and writing from our fourth grade, talking self portraits from kindergarten and more!

Also, I will certainly remind you, but if you could remember….bring a bag (brown bag or reusable works) to art class the class after the Art Show for all the beautiful work your child made to make it safely home!

Lastly, I want to thank you all.  Your support, volunteering to help, enthusiasm and pride is what makes our Art Show possible and as magical as it is. I can’t wait to see you there!